Most top sales people have the necessary knowledge to become successful, make more money, and ultimately become top producers, but for some reason they don’t implement that knowledge. Many sales people attend training seminars and in as little as 48 hours both the knowledge and motivation are gone.

What makes the POWER SEMINAR so effective is that the knowledge and motivation are streamlined directly to the subconscious mind. There it can take effect automatically and effortlessly. Sales people find themselves picking up their phones with determination. They will be asking for referrals from each client. They become more effective communicators both in their professional and personal lives.

This proven program will change the way sales people feel about themselves, their co-workers and their clients. The Power Seminar program will unify, strengthen, educate and motivate managers and account executives.

The unique POWER SEMINAR is now available to corporations throughout the United States. Programs may be tailored to meet your specific criteria.

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